Aerospace Machining 

Precision Grinding, Inspection, & Equipment 

ISO9001 and AS9100 Certified

Aspen Machining and Molding, Inc. is a full service shop specializing in aerospace machining and precision machined parts. We serve a variety of industries from aerospace and defense, medical and dental, food and beverage, as well as a variety of products such as tungsten carbide tooling, ceramic and tungsten carbide grinding. 

The ability to hold tight tolerances in different materials makes Aspen Machining an excellent choice when considering your outsourcing needs. 



Precision Grinding

Aspen Machining offers surface, ID/OD, and Blanchard grinding to meet your precision needs. When size, flatness, and parallelism are of the utmost importance, Aspen Machining can meet your requirements.


Precision Inspection

We’ve invested heavily in our Quality Control and Metrological Inspection Lab. We are not only capable of machining complex and tight tolerance parts, but we also have the ability to inspect and verify all of the work we do.


Precision Equipment

From old-school machine tools to state-of-the-art-5-axis high speed machining centers, we produce parts with features others cannot achieve such as ultra-precise flatness and parallelism, thin flexures, and parts from advanced materials like tungsten carbide.

At Aspen Machining, we believe that quality is paramount. We not only have the capabilities to machine to +/-.0001” tolerances, we also have the ability to confidently inspect and verify our work to ensure that tolerance requirements are met.

Industries Served

Aspen Machining has a large selection of both manual and CNC machine tools to meet the needs of today’s competitive market. Our full service machining capabilities produce the highest quality parts and maintain the highest level of efficiency and conformability. 



We specialize in tight tolerance aerospace machining and have supported many aerospace programs such as Orion, Maven, GOES-R, GPS III, OSIRIS-Rex, and many more.


Aspen Machining can meet the needs of customers with everything from building simple autoclave fixtures to building complicated toolsets for ceramic implants.



From complicated prototype heading dies down to repair parts for tortilla presses, food packaging automation, and micro-brew canning lines for local small businesses, Aspen Machining can craft what your industry needs. 


We utilize both rock wheel and diamond grinding to achieve tight tolerances in materials ranging from Aluminum to Tungsten Carbide.


Our robust calibration system coupled with our ISO9001 / AS9100 Quality Management System ensures our customers receive the quality they need on every order we ship. 

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News & Updates

Osiris-Rex Reveals Big Surprises 

Parts built by Aspen Machining are onboard this spacecraft that has been circling the asteroid Bennu since Decmeber 2018 preparing to collect a material sample and return it to Earth. OSIRIS-REx seeks answers to the questions that are central to the human experience: Where did we come from? What is our destiny? Asteroids, the leftover […]

Aspen Purchases new large 5-axis Mill 

Aspen Machining has its new large format 5-axis mill up and running. Previously, Aspen only had the capability to machine large 5-axis parts in only Aluminum. Our new DMG-MORI DMU 105 MonoBlock will allow us to machine 5-axis parts in any material up to 41″ diameter.

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